Blimey! There’s a lot to Learn …

I have some great friends from school but looking back on it the actual education was, for the most part, pretty indifferent. I love science & technology and I’m utterly absorbed by history. How was it possible that the teaching of them at school bored me rigid? Maybe it was me? But, I at least have the excuse of being a child at the time.

I just think the system sucked. Bog standard comprehensives? No thanks. I do remember polititians of the day having a who’s got the best sound-bite contest. I’ve mentioned my excuse, I don’t know what their’s was and I don’t see much difference now.

Learn peeps, learn

I’d really like my grandchildren to have a chance to improve on my dismal educational showing, so I’ll give considerable thought to what the candidates say (and have done) about education the next time I get the chance to cast my vote. In the meantime, I’ll buy the little folks some books.

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