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Apple Universal Apps Development Starter Kit
Developer Transition Kit

Developer Transition Kit Duly Returned

So I have duly returned the my Apple Developer Transition Kit (DTK) and purchased an M1 Mac Mini to replace it. I must say that I’ve been truly impressed with the performance with this cheapest of all the Mac so far (I did fork out for the ludicrously expensive 16Gb RAM upgrade mind you).

The financial blow was softened by the £365 credit that I got from Apple for returning the DTK. More reports to follow as I start to use my new toy in anger.

In the meantime sad to report the work on my Idle Oxen side project is currently stalled following a number of callous clients offering me work.

Coding Wonderment

Caring about Code

I care passionately about the quality of the code I write. This site includes my musings on coding standards as well as the occasional blog post of specific topics.

John Ruskin - art critic & thinker
John Ruskin in 1863

Eccentric Genius?

I’ve posted a quote from the genius that is John Ruskin here. He was an art critic who was a darling of the Victorian chattering classes.

He had a reputation for being eccentric, especially in matters of intimacy, but his views on the social justice of the time are widely quoted. Both left & right lay claim to some of his ideas being foundational to their causes.

Here’s the slide deck from my lightening talk at Developer South Coast on 20th May 2021.

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