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Apple WDC 2020

WDC 2020

My takeaway of the bottom line is that Apple have rowed back on Tim Cooks’ early dig at Microsoft’s UWP effort – to the effect that phones & tablets are completely different beasts from desktops – and are now chasing a universal platform across all their devices hard. Apple’s Universal 2 sounds like their version of .Net/MSIL.

There was interesting news for developers in the release of a Developer Tool Kit – basically a Mac Mini to develop on for the new platform that will be shipped this week.

I’ve written a quick bullet point list of the key announcements that I can find here. (There’s a link to a good video summary from Tech Crunch at the bottom of the list).

Caring about Code

Coding Wonderment

I care about the quality of the code I write. This site included my musings on coding standards as well as the occasional blog post of specific topics.

Eccentric Genius?

John Ruskin - art critic & thinker
John Ruskin in 1863

I’ve posted a quote from the genius that is John Ruskin here. He was an art critic who was a darling of the Victorian chattering classes.

He had a reputation for being eccentric, especially in matters of intimacy, but his views on the social justice of the time are widely quoted. Both left & right lay claim to some of his ideas being foundational to their causes.

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