Idle Oxen

Idle Oxen Begins

As the first step in my Idle Oxen project I’ve published the initial code in GitHub. You can find it here.

Right now there a shell project for each platform that that comes right from the appropriate IDE’s new project template. The platforms & IDE’s are…

AndroidIntellij IDEA Ultimate 2020.2
iOSXCode V12 Beta running on Big Sur Beta
MacXCode V12 Beta running on Big Sur Beta
(Blazor running Web Assembly)
VS2019 Preview V16.7
(WPF running on .Net Core)
VS2019 Preview V16.7
Idle Oxen Platforms & Dev Environments

I intend to keep the tooling up to date as I go and will blog about the experience as it unfolds. I’ll update key information in the wiki and I’ll flesh out the readme file as work progresses.

At the time of writing the code is exactly is it was created by the IDE’s. My first task is to get the look and feel of each app following the same Idle Oxen Brand Guidelines, which I also haven’t yet written. I hope to make progress over the weekend and will blog about it next week.

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