Fed up with Samsung!

I’m busy at work and at home. Keeping a track of what’s going on in my life is important. I go to the Gym 4 or 5 times a week & my Gym app stores my gym bookings in my phone’s calendar. So that’s handy, or at least it should be.

Unfortunately, I have a Samsung S22 Ultra & the only option on my phone is for my Gym App to store bookings in the built in Samsung calendar. However, I use a PC all day every day & the Samsung calendar can’t be viewed on a PC. It won’t sync it’s appointments to my Google calendar account, so seeing them that way is not an option.

Having gone round in circles with this nonsense for longer that I have time to waste, it’s time to ditch the S22, along with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, & jump ship to Apple I reckon.

I’m fed up with manufacturers trying to lock you into their eco-systems. I appreciate that Apple are the kings of this but at least their eco-system actually works!

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